As we have seen in the news media, vaccine is arriving in the country in small shipments at a time.

The Directorate of Health prioritizes people and divides the vaccine between Health Centers.  The recipients of the vaccine have already been decided when shipments arrive here at HSU.


Until now we have vaccinated residents in nursing homes, retirement homes and group homes.

People who receive service from home care nursing and/or day centers are also receiving vaccines.

We vaccinate frontline healtcare workers and police.

The next priority group is those who are over 80 years old and immediately following, those who are 70-80 years old.

We will need a few weeks to process these groups since we receive a limited amount of vaccine each time.


It will not be possible to make an appointment to get the vaccine, whether for payment or not.

The individuals who are next in line will be contacted.

If someone is unable to receive the vaccine when called in, they will be notified when the next shipment arrives.

Everyone is entitled to refusing vaccination but we encourage all to accept the vaccine.


We hope all will show understanding to these arrangements.

It is our wish to vaccinate all, but we are limited by the supply of vaccine.


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