Many people approach us with questions about vaccinations and because of this growing flood of inquiries we are unable to answer them all.

  • If you were unable to attend you vaccination appointment, it is hard to say when your next appointment will be.  You will receive another text message.
  • You need to go the appointed location.  You can not go to a different location, you are expected in a certain place and have an alotted dose of vaccination that you can´t receive anywhere else.


We point you to about vaccinations and there you can also find further news on vaccinations.


If you are 50 years old and older and HAVE NOT RECEIVED AN APPOINTMENT, please send us a message through your (My page), under COVID vaccination


Also if you are a spokesperson for a company and are informing your employees that haven´t received an appointment and are 50 years old and older of the situation, please point them in this direction.


On you can also register the correct phone number and register yourself to a Health Care Center.



Also, follow the news on our home page, if we have an open day for vaccinations we will post it there.


People are entitled to refuse vaccinations but we encourage all to receive it.


We hope that all will show us understanding in this situation,

It is our desire to vaccinate all but we are limited by the supply of vaccine we receive.



Further information can be found on or