PCR Covid testing and certificate for travellers


Note that pcr and antigen testing for travellers ARE NOT possible at HSU.

It is only possible to get tested in Reykjavík and Akureyri.



Book a test in Reykjavík or Akureyri

If you are going abroad and need a negative PCR test, you must book a test in Reykjavík or Akureyri.

It is a good idea to plan this in time so that the certificate for the trip can be obtained.

The certificates will be sent to you by e-mail and the result of the test in a sms.

You can book a test and pay for the certificate at https://travel.covid.is/


NOTE that there is a difference between antigen tests and pcr tests.

Find out what the requirements are for the countries you are traveling to and book for the appropriate tests.


Another alternative is to visit this website (below) Keflavik by private parties, that offers quick tests (antigen) and certificates in a few minutes.