Charges for Covid

Those who need symptom-free testing for COVID and a certifiate please note the following:


  • Those who are being admitted into a hospital for surgery or other treatments do not pay for the test.
  • Seamen going out to sea are charged for the appointment plus the test – The shipping company will pay the charges and will be billed.
  • Others pay for the appointment, the test along with a certificate of no symptoms.


People with Health Insurance from the Icelandic State.

Adults ages 18-67 pay the following:

  • Appointment  kr 500
  • Covid test   kr.  7.000
  • Certifcate  kr 5.895

Total kr. 13.396


Children ages 0-17 pay the following:

  • Covid test  kr. 7.000
  • Certificate  kr. 5895

Total 12.895 kr


Uninsured pay the following:

  • Appointment  kr, 10.527
  • Covid test kr. 7.000
  • Certificate kr. 6.948

Total kr 24.475