An announcement from the health care clinics and the pharmacists of Vík and Klaustur

There are now exceptional circumstances in our society due to the COVID-19 / Coronavirus pandemic.  Various actions have been taken in order to reduce the speed and the number of infections, and to protect the groups at risk.


For those reasons, changes will be made to the structure of the health care service at the Health Care Institution of South Iceland as of today and in the coming days.  Remote service will be applied when possible. 


  • Clients / patients who have booked / reserved appointments will be contacted and it will be checked whether their health issues / issues / problems can be solved over the phone or with video conversations via Heilsuvera at
  • When it is possible, clients will be directed to remote service solutions.
  • It is suggested that is used for renewals of drug subscriptions. Drugs can still be renewed over the phone but it takes at least one day to process the prescription.
  • It is not possible to bring in drugs for disposal / distruction.


It is strongly requested that clients / patients:


  • Do not bring a relative or relatives into the waiting room or to their appointment unless is absolutely necessary.
  • Spend as little time as possible in the waiting room and that they enter the health care clinic only a few minutes before their appointment.



If you need a registered nurse’s advice because of COVID-19 then there are several options:

– The call service phone number 1700

– A phone call to your health care clinic on day-time working hours

– Communication on “Mínar síður” on

– An internet chat on – 08:00 a.m. to 22:00 p.m.


The pharmacy:

  • It is requested that people call and order drugs or non-prescription products and then collect the order when it is ready for delivery. This is done to shorten the waiting time at the health care clinic waiting room.

The most recent information can always be found on the website of the Icelandic Director of Health,

With solidarity and helpfulness we can overcome this challenge.

The personnel of the health care clinics of Vík and Kirkjubæjarklaustur.


Klaustur 432-2880

Vík: 432-2800